Thanksgiving and Scripture

photo-bible-study-1476124861542-44354851e622With this post, I simply forward on what I have received from David H. J. Gay:

His focus is on the importance of scripture as the authority to verify truth, and the importance of continued growth in the truth of Christ.  He has shared thoughts from a sermon preached just before a voyage toward America long ago.

But take heed what you receive for truth – examine it well and compare it and weigh it with other scriptures of truth before you receive it. (John Robinson, 1620)

To read his full post see “A Thanksgiving Day Thought”

To listen click “here”

See Also:

Isaiah 8:19-20 / Acts 17:11 / John 5:39-40 / John 17:17 / Luke 16:29 / 2 Timothy 3:14-17

False prophets abound and even flourish for a time.  Don’t be deceived.  

Measure all teachings of man by the word of God!

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