Live “In Him” – by Faith

Yeshua has come!  He is the fulfillment of the law.  Are you living by faith and love in the easy yoke and rest of Christ?  Or, are you living by law striving to earn worthiness by works?

As much as we wish sin would have gone away completely the day that we first believed, obviously it did not!  The glory of life without sin waits for the great last day.  So how do we live within a world of sin till then?

-Live By Faith in Him!

Consider Galatians 3:11

Now that no one is justified by the Law before God is evident; for,


Gal 3/Rom 1/Hab 2

(A) Does “LIVE” mean to escape death and and be made alive and just before God?

(I shall not die but instead live)

(B) Does “LIVE” mean the manner in which you spend your days of life?

(I live each day performing the work of my occupation)

I suggest it carries both  meanings.  In its direct context because it finishes the first part of the verse about justification, it carries the (A) meaning, yet as we trace the quote (in caps) to the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, we see it can carry the (B) meaning.  The vision in Habakkuk tells of the actions of the prideful and sinful ways of evil that influence and gather others toward sin in this world.   The contrast to such evil living is those who with righteousness experience living “by his faith”.

I have been influenced by the reformed view of theology.  David H J Gay has helped me see the error in their teaching.  They teach that we LIVE with salvation (A) by faith through grace, but then we go on to LIVE life (B) by law and works.  This suggests salvation by grace, but then incorrectly suggests sanctification by works.

I agree that contrary to the “reformed” view, the new testament warns often of not living under the old law now that Christ has come.  Instead we are to live in faith.  Live in love for our Father and for others – as Christ did.  Live in Him!

I admit I have strived for sanctification by works, and it is a prison!  I can never accomplish enough to be worthy of the amazing Most High!  What I fail to complete seems to convict me.  The desire to achieve worthiness even seems rooted in sin and disrespect as it disregards the finished work that Christ has provided for me.  In my efforts I had forgotten that even in doing nothing, I have a place with the Most High because I stand with my faith in His Son.

Charles Leiter also draws these conclusions in his book suitably named “The Law of Christ” subtitled “as I have loved you…”.   He also sees that we live under a superior law.  A law encompassed by faith and love.  A law that doesn’t convict.  Instead it nurtures, protects, and encourages.  It is the law of Christ.

A New Focus for consideration:

Refuse to measure yourself by sins and works.

Instead look to Christ and focus on Him – see what he has done and is doing for others.

Pray for eyes to see His works around you, then simply be ready to take part in them- with all your might.


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