Live “In Him” – Application

Are you stuck trying to be more righteous?  See that in these trials your focus on yourself  is a sinful one that distracts you from the glory of God.  Instead, live in the rest of Christ – How?

Realize that Christ is our eternal sabbath rest.  Rest in Him and in His love every day.  The isolated weekly sabbath falls short of the full rest we have everyday in our Lord’s finished work.  That weekly sabbath was part of the law which was fulfilled when Christ came.  We need to understand that when we were born again, we entered the rest of God.  The Spirit of God that Christ gave us lives within giving rest now from the ways of the world.  We don’t wait for death to enter his rest – we have it now.  By having the spirit guide us from within, we surely know that our Lord is victor over all our sins – is that not rest?

In this rest, our focus shifts from looking at ourself, to looking at God and at others!

  • First ask: Do I see the character and works of God around me?

Love our Father Almighty and our Savior His Son.  Recognize the gift of life they have given you and work each day to honor that life by loving them and others thereby being pleasing to them – believe and love in gratitude!

If you do see sin or fall short, run to Father Almighty and confess but don’t dwell; instead understand that His Son has taken away all our sin so that He sees it no more – then rest in their amazing love and continue on in that love.

  • Then ask: How can I help those around me see the glory of God?

Demonstrate what you have been taught and provide encouragement to them – especially in the glories of God.

Think about all this in the context of the days of Jesus!  If you were a follower of Jesus who saw him killed then spoke with Him after he had risen, wouldn’t you be emboldened by unimaginable comfort.  He overcame death and promised you that in Him you would follow in the same way.   That is true rest from the fear of death that lies within each of us.  Now is no fear, but instead is rest.

O Father Most High, I write this instruction mindful of the fact that this day I fall way short of the fullness of such a life of perfect love.  I praise your Son for thou I yet lack perfection, He has shown me growth and I also live in the joy of knowing His works are fruitful and will become complete.  May the Spirit of love for You and others grow so bold that I never again wallow in my own selfish analysis seeking self righteousness.  Bless all who rest in the glory of our Savior!

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