The Great Gathering

The Great Gathering

New Covenant Times Yet in the Midst of Evil

Questions / Meditations

It was easy to see why the faithful of the Old Covenant times had to experience evil since our Lord had not yet completed His work.  But in these New Covenant times we know our Lord has defeated evil.  Then why must we yet experience evil and its suffering?

Perhaps it is simply because we are on this side of creation where mankind continues to reproduce.  The chosen are still being born, formed, and gathered despite the continued existence of evil.  In fact, perhaps we are gathered to greater degrees of perfection for having endured the evil and followed our Lord.

Are the highs of a victory not so much higher after first suffering a loss.  Are you not so much stronger as a result?   You may have thought you lost the first time; but in truth, it was used to shape you for the later victory.

This side of creation our group continues to grow with delightful children yet to come.  At the last day, the number of God’s people will be set.  There are others to come in this great gathering to our Christ.

May God give us the grace through His Son to endure together through these times.


Glory to God who blesses and nurtures all those who live in Christ 

by the truth of His Word!

L Burns

Sharing in the spirit and truth of scripture

May 22, 2017

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