Revelation – Baucham

AUDIO – The segments linked below are from Voddie Baucham’s 2013/2014 preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Texas

Rev 1:1 An Introduction to Revelation

Rev 1:1-3 Prologue: The Blessings of Revelation

Rev 1:4-6 Christ is Worthy

Rev 2:18-28 Tolerating the Intolerable

Rev 3:1-6 Polishing the Outside of the Cup

Rev 3:14-22 A House Call for a Sin-Sick Church

Rev 4:9-11 Changing Perspectives

Rev 5:1-10 The Lion and the Lamb

Rev 7:1-8 The 144,000

Rev 7:9-12 The Great Multitude

Rev 7:13-14 Who Can Stand?

Rev 7:15-17 The Glory of Heaven

Rev 14:1-5 The Ware of Worship

Rev 14:14-20 Ten Attributes of Jesus Christ

Rev 14:6-13 The Good News of Judgment

Rev 16:1-11 The Apex of God’s Wrath

Rev 16:12-16 The Battle of Armageddon?

Rev 17:1-6 The Great Prostitute, Part I

Rev 17:7-14 The Great Prostitute, Part II

Rev 17:15-18 The Great Prostitute. Part III

Rev 20:1-3 When is the Millennium?

Rev 21:22-27 The City with No Temple

Rev 22:7 The Last and Final Call

Rev 22:18-21 Come Lord Jesus!


An Introduction to Revelation – by Voddie Baucham

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